Welcome to the home page for the VisualSpinner3D project!

Q: What is VisualSpinner3D?

A: VisualSpinner3D is a prop-spinning simulator, written in JavaScript, that can visualize almost any sequence of moves - flowers, pendulums, hybrids, and so on - for any number of props.

Q: Where can I see the simulator in action?

A: The short answer is, right here!

The long answer is trickier. The simulator is a JavaScript engine that can simulate almost any combination or sequence of moves. But, with so many possibilities, it's hard to design one set of buttons and menus that allows users access to the full power of the simulator in an intuitive way. For that reason, I have written a number of demo pages that show off the engine's possibilities:

Q: Can I incorporate VisualSpinner3D in my own web site?

A: Yes! This page shows how easy it is to embed a VisualSpinner3D player. Note that VisualSpinner3D is currently released under the GNU General Public License, which means you cannot charge money for a program that incorporates the VisualSpinner3D engine. However, I am planning to change the licensing so that the engine can be incorporated in commercial software, so long as the engine itself remains free.

Q: Is the code open source?

A: Yes, and it is available on my Github site. (If you poke around there, you can also find some Arduino code for LED flow props.)

The code for the engine itself is basically finished, but there is a whole world of possibilities for improved graphics and interface design. For example, the only reason the simulator currently doesn't do fire fans is that they're too hard for me to draw. If you're good at this sort of thing, then contact me and let's fix that!

Q: I am a poi theory and/or programming nerd and I want to know how the simulator works.

A: I'm working on an explanation here.

Q: Are there any known bugs?

A: Yes, unfortunately. They are listed at the bottom of the details essay.

Q: Why does your page look terrible?

A: Because web design is not my strong suit. This is another area where I appreciate the suggestions and charity of others.

Q: Who are you?

A: My name is Glenn Wright. I'm a fire spinner and a programmer, and I live in Oakland, California. You can contact me at infinite D0T perplexity AT gmail D0T com.